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Prop Firms that allow Weekend Holding

Weekend holding refers to holding open trading positions over the weekend, a period when most financial markets are closed. Since news and economic events can still occur over the weekend, there is a risk that the market will open at a significantly different price on Monday compared to its Friday close. The key benefit of weekend holding is the potential to capture gains from market gaps or movements that occur due to news or events that happen when the markets are closed. For prop firms, it's a way to maintain exposure to potential market opportunities outside of regular trading hours, allowing for potentially higher profits. However, this also involves a higher degree of risk due to the unpredictability during the weekend. Therefore, prop firms that engage in weekend holding typically have strong risk management policies in place to mitigate potential negative impacts. This strategy demands a thorough understanding of market dynamics and risk tolerance, as there needs to be a balance between the opportunity for additional profits and the increased risk exposure. Below are prop firms that permit weekend holding of positions:

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