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Prop Firms that use cTrader

cTrader is a trading platform, offering advanced trading capabilities, such as fast entry and execution, as well as coding customization. Launched to rival platforms like MT4 and MT5, cTrader is appreciated for its low-latency and reliable trade execution, which minimizes slippage and allows traders to capitalize on market conditions in real-time. cTrader offers premium charting and manual trading options, supports customized trading, and includes a variety of charts and indicators for technical analysis. Traders can modify these tools to suit their trading styles and even add external tools for enhanced functionality. The platform supports more than 20 leading trading indicators, such as Moving Average Convergence Divergence, Exponential Moving Average, and Bollinger Bands. Recently, the platform has made significant updates in its new version, cTrader Desktop 4.2, especially for algorithmic trading. Additionally, improvements in backtesting and optimization have been made, including multi-symbol support and real-time updates in the optimization module. Listed here are proprietary trading firms that utilize cTrader:

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