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T3 Trading Group is a registered SEC Broker-Dealer, offering on-location and remote brokerage services alongside educational and training programs. Located in New York City, with multiple branch offices across the country, T3 Trading caters to both proprietary and retail traders. T3 Trading's brokerage services have commissions varying per individual and based on the negotiated profit splits and trading volumes. These commissions range from $0.001 to $0.005 per share. Traders considered as 'Professional' face higher fees compared to 'Non-Professional' retail traders, reflecting their access to higher leverage, which can be as high as 20-to-1 on equity trades. The firm's infrastructure includes affiliations with T3 Securities, offering services for active, high-volume traders, allowing fast execution of orders via customizable smart routing. Additionally, the firm provides access to multiple trading platforms, including Fusion, Lightspeed, and Sterling Pro. Proprietary trading firms that utilize T3 Global are featured below:

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