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Prop Firms that offer Swap Free Accounts

In standard forex trading, traders either receive or pay interest if they hold a position past the daily closing time of the market, depending on the differential interest rates of the currencies traded. However, swap-free accounts do not charge or credit interest on positions held overnight, which is consistent with Islamic finance principles. This feature makes them attractive to Muslim traders who wish to adhere to their religious beliefs while participating in financial markets. To compensate for the lack of swap fees, prop trading firms might impose alternative fees on swap-free accounts. These could include administration fees, wider spreads, or commissions, ensuring the firm remains profitable while adhering to Sharia principles. By offering swap-free accounts, prop trading firms can cater to a broader range of traders, including those who require Sharia-compliant financial instruments. This inclusivity helps firms to bring together talent from diverse backgrounds and beliefs. Listed here are prop firms offering swap free accounts for trading:

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