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Prop Firms that use Sterling Trader Pro

Sterling Trader Pro is a direct access trading platform predominantly used for stock trading. This platform is not just favoured by individual day traders and proprietary trading firms, but also by institutional traders and brokerage firms. This advanced desktop program provides features for day and swing traders, including tools for order entry, trade reporting, and calculating margin requirements. Sterling Trader Pro has the ability to trade equities, single and multi-leg options, and futures on a single platform. The platform's charting package includes over 70 technical studies and offers the capability to chart multiple stocks simultaneously in multiple windows. They have highly configurable charting, real-time access to market data, customizable hotkeys, and real-time portfolio management​​. Additionally, the platform is primarily designed for active day traders and institutions, particularly those trading stocks, and might not be suitable for those not focused on swing or short-term trading​​​​. Listed here are prop firms that offer trading services through Sterling Trader Pro:

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