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Prop Firms that use Rithmic

Rithmic is a well-regarded technology provider offering direct market access and data services primarily to the futures trading industry. The platform includes advanced charting features with a range of customizable options, allowing traders to perform in-depth technical analysis. Traders can access historical data analysis, essential for identifying market patterns and making data-driven decisions​. Additionally, Rithmic’s DMA feature allows traders direct access to multiple liquidity providers, enabling efficient and transparent trade execution. This access ensures tighter spreads and competitive pricing, enhancing trading profitability and providing insights into market dynamics. This platform caters to those well-versed in the technical aspects of the futures market, handling 20% of the daily futures market volume. However, it's primarily focused on futures trading and may present an intimidating interface for beginners. Despite its technical nature, Rithmic's combination of functionality and quality makes it a choice to consider among futures trading platforms. Prop trading firms that incorporate Rithmic as their platform are detailed here:

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