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Prop Firms that use NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader, a US-based software platform, is highly regarded for its desktop application, particularly appealing to advanced users and futures traders. The platform is well regarded for its functionality and research capabilities, offering a solid foundation for experienced traders. NinjaTrader's role in prop trading firms is underscored by its offerings of low-cost commissions, customizable charts, back testing capabilities, and a user community. Additionally, the platform provides quality educational materials, aiding new users in using the platform and understanding trading strategies. However, it does have some downsides, such as high withdrawal and inactivity fees and lack of a mobile trading application. Moreover, its focus is primarily on futures and options on futures, although connectivity to external brokerage accounts like Interactive Brokers is possible for broader market access. Proprietary trading firms that use NinjaTrader are listed below:

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