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Prop Firms that use MT5

MetaTrader 5 (MT5) is an advanced and popular trading platform in the financial markets, is recognized for its comprehensive capabilities in facilitating online trading across various instruments such as stocks, currencies, commodities, and derivatives. While MT4 is predominantly focused on forex trading, MT5 broadens its scope to include stocks, commodities, and derivatives, providing a more versatile platform for multi-asset trading. MT5 offers improved charting tools, more timeframes, advanced order types, and deeper analytical capabilities compared to MT4. It also supports algorithmic trading through its more advanced MQL5 programming language, enabling more sophisticated automated trading strategies. The platform's support for multi-asset trading allows for diversification across different markets within a single interface, while its integrated economic calendar and real-time news updates keep traders informed about market-moving events. However, MT5 has drawbacks, such as a steeper learning curve and the requirement for higher technical knowledge. Below are prop firms that provide trading services using the MT5 platform:

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