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Broctagon Fintech Group, headquartered in Singapore, operates as a collective of fintech entities focusing on a range of services including brokerage solutions, managing multi-asset liquidity, and crafting enterprise-level blockchain systems. The company employs over 300 professionals and has a significant international footprint, extending across six countries. The firm holds licenses in both Europe and Asia, providing a wide spectrum of over 1800 instruments, encompassing digital assets CFDs for extensive market exposure. The liquidity service is powered by NEXUS Aggregator Technology and extends to both Forex and integrated CFD products, allowing brokers to leverage the vast market exposure and trade numerous high-grade products from a singular platform. The Prop Broker CRM, a key feature of Broctagon's offerings, is designed to be highly customizable, accommodating over 350 different parameters to meet specific brokerage needs. This CRM integrates seamlessly with trading platforms, ensuring efficient challenge management and data synchronization. Featured here are proprietary trading firms that utilize Broctagon:

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